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Rakshak (2016)

Rakshak (2016) Movie MP3 Songs Free Download


Cast :: Ram Charan ,Shruti Haasan ,Ileana
Director :: Surender Reddy
Producer :: Allu Aravind
Music :: Thamizha
Music On :: TBK
Ripper :: AtoZMsuiq

Rakshak (2016) Telugu Mp3 Songs

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01 – First Song
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02 – Second Song
03 – Third Song
04 – Fourth Song
05 – Fifth Song
Ram Charan upcoming film Rakshak ,Rakshak Direcroted by Surender Reddy and produced by Allu Aravind under the umbrella of Geetha Arts. The makers are planning to launch the movie in January, 2016 on the occasion of Pongal. Ram Charan is taking utmost care about this film and is leaving no stone unturned to make hit a big hit in his career. Shruti Haasan and Ileana are being considered to play the female lead opposite Ram Charan in this film. Music composed by Hip Hop Thamizha.
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